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Getting started with Powershell

For IT administrators PowerShell is a really powerful tool that can help you automate some otherwise time-consuming tasks.

For example, if every PC on a particular network needs to have a certain application installed on it, instead of logging in to check that each computer has the necessary software, a PowerShell script could be used to create a list of installed programs, thus saving a lot of manual work and time.

The Beaming Guide to PowerShell will show you how to configure your PC to run PowerShell scripts and gives you a set of our tech team’s most useful scripts to get you started.

Download the guide below, and once you’re up and running, let us know which scripts you’ve found most helpful and what you’d like to see us share in future.

Download our Guide to Powershell

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What’s in the Powershell Guide?

Our tech team explain how to set your PC up to run Powershell scripts then guide you through running some of the scripts they find most useful, including:

  • Making a list of installed programs
  • PowerShell commands to automate basic server tasks
  • Permanently removing a user from Office 365
  • Syncing Office 365 login name changes to Azure Active Directory