We spoke to three experts who have created great places to work. They explain how building a great workplace and investing in their people has improved creativity, collaboration and overall business success.

Through a survey conducted by the research consultancy Opinium, Beaming discovered that 80 percent of business leaders believe space to work without distractions was an important part of a great workplace. This was significantly more than the number saying that open plan working environments (57 percent) or room for meetings and collaboration (66 percent) were important.

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Meet the experts:

Kate McCarthy, Managing Director, McCarthy Recruitment: “Well obviously we came first in Great Places to Work in the UK and we came second in Europe. We’re very focussed on what the needs of our team are, so for me it’s really important that we treat everyone as individuals. That we listen, that we’re open to feedback, that we change and make sure that the environment is what they need.”

James Endersby, Chief Executive, Opinium:“Things need to flow, things need to work. People need to be comfortable in their chair, they need to have enough light in their office. They need to have, especially in a company like ours that relies on the internet, they need to have high speed connection.”

Nikki Gatenby, Managing Director, Propellernet: “The people here create amazing results for our clients. My job is to make sure they have the platform to be able to do that. So the idea of having space and making that space as beautiful as possible is very intentional and the more it feels like a free and open environment, the more we are going to be free and open with our thinking, so absolutely this is intentional.”