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How to finalise your FTTC broadband installation: Router Setup

Posted on 26 September 2017 by Beaming Support

Router setup

Once an upgrade has taken place to get the FTTC connection to your address working, you will need to follow a few steps for router setup in order to make your connection live.

  1. You will first need your own VDSL router so that you can set up this connection, if you have upgraded the connection with Beaming you will generally be provided with a preconfigured router.
  2. Once you have this device you will then need to connect it to your wall socket. Depending on the socket you have you may also need to connect a filter. If you have a single plug on your wall socket then you will need to use a filter which splits the one connection into two and therefore allows you to connect both your phone and your router to the internet (shown below). However if you have a two socket wall connection then you can plug both of the cables into the wall.

    Router Setup Sockets

  3. From the socket/filter (depending if you have a single socket or double socket wall port) you want to run an RJ11 cable into the back of the router, there may be multiple ports but the RJ11 cable generally goes into the smallest rectangular port as shown below.







4. Once this cable is plugged in you will also require the power cable which should come in the box with the router. Now that the two main cables are connected you should be able to turn the router on via the power button on the back. The router will then take a while to initialize all of its settings, If this is a preconfigured router provided by Beaming then the steps we have been through are all you require to get your router setup and going, however if you have a router that you are required to configure then there are a few more steps before you can start using the internet, click here for our instructions on configuration.

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