Microsoft Entra MFA Registration Campaign

Microsoft Entra MFA Registration Campaign

Posted on 10 January 2024 by Beaming Support

Users being forced to install and use Microsoft Authenticator Application?

Microsoft have changed the Multifactor Authentication, MFA, to be controlled and configured by Microsoft Entra.  When you migrate from legacy MFA to Entra MFA a default Registration Campaign is enabled and forces users to download and install the Microsoft Authentication Application as their primary MFA method.  This can cause issue for the following reasons.

  • Legacy MFA allowed the phone call method without additional licenses and will not be available after migration to Entra MFA without this license
  • Users have not been trained to use the Microsoft Authenticator Application
  • Some organisations do not allow the use of mobile phones within the workplace

If the phone call method is still a requirement for your organisation, then check that you have the required license, this can be easily seen by logging on to your Entra admin site and navigating to Protection -> Authentication Methods – Policies and select Voice Call.

If you can enable this method then you have the required license otherwise you will see a license warning and will not be able to use this method without purchasing the required license.

To control the Microsoft preferred method of using the Microsoft Authentication Application, log on to the Entra admin site and navigate to Protection -> Authentication Methods -> Registration Campaign and select edit.  You can now disable the campaign which will stop the requirement of user having to install and use the Microsoft Authentication Application, you can also customise the campaign if your organisation requires the use of this method of MFA.