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Office 2013/2016 applications not working in Windows 10 version 1703

Posted on 22 November 2018 by Beaming Support

The Bug

This week our technical support team have had many reports that Office applications are not working in Windows 10. From simply sending emails with Outlook to saving documents in Word, it seems that all Office 2013 and 2016 applications are affected.

We have also found that this bug leaves users unable to activate Office, as the software is not able to communicate with the Microsoft authentication servers. We found that all of the users affected by this issue were running Windows 10 version 1703.

The Fix

The way to fix this issue would be to install the updates from Windows 10 version 1703 onwards, as soon as the device has updated to at least version 1709 then this issue is resolved. Please be aware that depending on the device and broadband speeds it may take some time for these updates to complete.

Installing updates to operating systems and apps as they become available is important not only to ensure that annoying bugs such as this are fixed, but also to ensure that any security weaknesses patched up.

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