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Sharing Cybersecurity resources this ECSM

Posted on 30 September 2019 by Beaming Support

October is European Cybersecurity Month (ECSM), an EU-wide awareness campaign to increase citizens’ and organisations’ knowledge of cybersecurity threats and provide education and resources to help them protect themselves online.

As an internet service provider for businesses across the UK, the organisations we work with trust us to keep their data safe and their systems secure.  One aspect of this involves taking on an advisory role; this can involve offering advice on some complicated tech, but often means giving some really simple tips to reinforce cyber security that can be followed by any employee.

As a result, we’ve amassed a great selection of our own cybersecurity resources, which we’re happy to share.  Every day throughout the ECSM, we’ll be posting cybersecurity news & tips on our website and social media; from up-to-the-minute research into the threats faced by businesses, to news on the psychological impact of cyber crime on business leaders and advice for all on strengthening cyber defences.

We’ve divided our free cybersecurity resources into sections so you can easily find what you need.

Cybersecurity training and planning resources for managers:

Beaming’s Business Guide to Cyber Security can be used to form a basis for your cyber security policy and for training employees. It details the most common cyber threats to businesses and explains simply the best ways to protect against them, whether that’s with specialist tech or simple staff training.

Our phishing quiz will help identify any gaps in your knowledge of the most common route of entry for cyber attackers.

Subscribe to the UK Cyber Threat Report for a quarterly update on the number of cyber attacks happening daily and the types of applications most commonly targeted, alongside our advice on mitigating the risk of attack.

The Business Guide to Password Managers will help you decide whether you need the help of some software to make your team’s passwords more secure.

Small businesses hit hardest by £17bn cyber crime bill in 2018. If securing funding for your cybersecurity plans is proving difficult, our research into the cost of cyber crime may be helpful.

Read our suggestions for training new staff on data security.

10 steps to better cybersecurity & safeguarding in schools helps school management teams develop their own cybersecurity and online safety approach.

Essential, simple to follow cybersecurity resources for all:

Secure your data with the right password by following these six steps.

They might seem annoying, but installing app and operating system updates will keep your cybersecurity up to date.

Phishing is a very common way for cyber attackers to infiltrate an organisation. Find out how to spot and stop phishing emails.

What is 2FA and why do we need it?


This is just a selection of our cybersecurity resources aimed at keeping your organisation safe from cyber attacks. You can browse the entire archive here or follow us on Twitter for bite size news and guidance.

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