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What is Ethernet First Mile (EFM)?

Posted on 23 October 2012 by Beaming Support

What is Ethernet First Mile and how could it benefit your business?

Ethernet First Mile provides your company with faster synchronous speeds than other services delivered across copper, such as ADSL2+ broadband and FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) services.

Additionally, as our products are delivered across BT Wholesale’s platform, Beaming’s Ethernet First Mile services have service levels for fast repair comparable with fibre leased lines.

Although still not available everywhere as the service is only provided at fibre enabled exchanges, there is a good coverage across the UK.  The speed you choose will dictate the price as this product is distance reliant and the higher the speed, the more copper PSTN lines will need to be installed to deliver the required speed across EFM.

Why should my company use EFM?

So that’s “What is Ethernet First Mile” explained, but does your business need it? If you require synchronous bandwidth for your company data, if for instance upload is really important to your applications, and if access to the internet is business critical but you are not quite ready to move to true fibre connectivity, then this may be the service for you. Please call Beaming on 0800 082 2868 to discuss the options available to you or complete our Ethernet First Mile Checker tool to see what kind of speeds you can get.

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