Ensure employee wellbeing in the new world of work

The future of work will see employees split time between working from home and in the office.

When we don't see them in person as frequently as we used to, how can we keep staff happy, healthy and productive?

Beaming's new Changing Workplace Report has strategies to help business leaders keep employees engaged and protect their mental wellbeing

What will I find in the report?

Leaders of some of the UK's best places to work explain how they've adjusted working practices during lockdown and beyond

- Dr Heejung Chung from The University of Kent  explains how to set boundaries that benefit everyone.

- Andrea Derler of the NeuroLeadership Institute shares strategies for building teamwork and developing a growth mindset.

- The Purple Beach team help you reset employee engagement and  bounce back better.

- Beaming's MD  has practical advice on the tech you'll need for better remote working and gives tips that boost homeworking productivity.

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