Suitable for all kinds of critical business applications, Beaming offers ADSL in data transfer allowances suitable for home office products (ideal for remote working). We’ll deliver your connection within 48 working hours if you’re in a hurry.

Our home office products are low contention with up to 1.3Mbps upload speed whilst our premium services are uncontended broadband with up to 2.6Mbps upload speed, suitable for all kinds of critical business applications.

The download synchronisation speed will be dependent on the quality of the PSTN line and due to the nature of our contention the actual IP throughput speed for premium services will be roughly equivalent. The price of the service varies depending on the monthly inclusive data transfer allowance required for that particular DSL connection. We typically split the data transfer allowance into 10GB and 30GB for home office products and 50GB, 100GB and 200GB for our premium services. For customers who require a service urgently, Beaming can expedite the broadband order and deliver a broadband connection within 48 hours.

For our superfast broadband services, the data transfer allowance becomes an irrelevance but the nature of the product is such that for quality reasons we own the PSTN line and monitor the router connected to the circuit from our network management centre, as part of the overall cost of the product.

Beaming supplies wireless routers for home office services and pre-configured Cisco routers for premium and superfast services. The home office services are also suitable for remote working, in which case Beaming will advise on the appropriate router, depending on what work is being done remotely and how the corporate WAN is set up.