Suitable for all kinds of critical business applications, Beaming offers ADSL in data transfer allowances suitable for home office products (ideal for remote working). We’ll deliver your connection within 48 working hours if you’re in a hurry.

What is ADSL?

Asymetric Digital Subscriber lines is a type of contended broadband technology , which is available in most exchange areas and suitable for small businesses who have low data usage or can be ideal for larger businesses who require some back-up connections.

Why choose Beaming ADSL Broadband? 

Our skilled provisioning team will get your connection up and running quickly and for businesses in a hurry, we can expedite the broadband order and deliver a broadband connection within 48 hours.

Our network is built by us for business so performance and stability are our main concerns. We have less congestion, fewer points of failure and we can always stay one step ahead to ensure there is enough capacity, so that even during peak times performance will not falter Find out more about the Beaming Network 

Our broadband products are all backed up by our proactive technical support team, so if you need to get in touch you know you’ll be speaking to someone who can give answer first time. You don’t have to waste time in long call queues and explaining your question to multiple script readers when you contact Beaming.

And if you need something a bit different, we are experienced in providing non-standard connections such as temporary broadcast lines and connecting non-serviced premises, we’ll even project manage any installations to take the pressure off.

ADSL Broadband packages

Our home office products are low contention with a choice of packages ranging from speeds of 15Mbps download with 2Mpbd upload and 20Mbps download and 1Mbps upload. Data usages limits from 100GB up to unlimited.

Example packages available:

Package choice Download speed up to Upload speed up to Data Inclusive
OPTION 1 20Mbps 1Mbps 100 GB per month
OPTION 2 15Mbps 2Mbps 100 GB per month
OPTION 3 20Mbps 1Mbps unlimited usage
OPTION 4 15Mbps 2Mbps unlimited usage

As part of the service we can also supply:

  • Static IP address
  • Preconfigured routers
  • Domain name registration
  • Email address(es)
  • Webspace

Get in touch with our sales team to discuss your requirements and get a quote


Beaming supplies wireless routers for home office services and pre-configured Cisco routers for premium and superfast services. The home office services are also suitable for remote working, in which case Beaming will advise on the appropriate router, depending on what work is being done remotely and how the corporate WAN is set up.

We can also supply a telephone line. Click here to find out more about our business telephony products.

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