Beaming provides business customers with a fully integrated service for both low cost phone calls, fixed line calls, telephone line rental and data connectivity, all on one bill.

Carrier-Pre-Selection (CPS) enables Beaming to carry all of your outbound calls without the need for you to enter a prefix code or use any form of dialler. You can keep your existing telephone numbers and continue to make telephone calls as usual. Unless your line rental is with BT, in order to benefit from Beaming’s call rates you will need to transfer your telephone line rental to Beaming as well, the advantage being that you receive one bill for both your line rental and call charges.

We have a variety of calling tariffs and all come with no minimum call charges, no connection fees or rounding up. Switching to Beaming is straight forward and a simple phone call to our sales team is all that is required to start the migration process.

Our services provide business customers with:

  • Significantly lower call charges
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Cost centre and itemised billing
  • Full management reporting.

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