Beaming’s Number Translation Services (NTS) provide 08, 09 & 03 pre-fixed numbers which can be used to remove or lower the barrier of call costs to your customers.

Beaming has access to a database of over 1,000,000 non-geographic phone numbers. Our NTS enables us to provide businesses with a series of call routing solutions.

Non-geographic telephone number (NGN) options:

  • 0800 and 0808 – free phone number – Your customers call you for free
  • 03 – Your customers pay the same as calling a local telephone number
  • 0845 – Your customers pay a local rate to contact you
  • 0844 – Your customers pay up to 5p per minute to call you
  • 0870 – Your customers pay the same rate as to any other UK landline number
  • 0871 – Low cost calls which generate revenue. Customers are charged up to 10p per minute

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