In cases where we own the phone line as well as the broadband, there is less to-ing and fro-ing between suppliers which, as a customer, is frustrating if you have a fault. This established relationship with a single provider helps speed up implementation and any repairs.

What is a PSTN line?

PSTN telephone lines are copper pairs of lines running from the telephone exchange to a line box in the premises via a Distribution Point (DP).

They are analogue in nature and may be residential or business, depending on the support arrangements associated with the line. The technology itself does not change. What does is how quickly the fault will be fixed. This is key for many businesses when it is the line across which broadband is provided and if the line goes faulty, so does the broadband.

Beaming prefers to own the line as well as the broadband, as this prevents the toing and froing between suppliers which customers find so irritating. If we are responsible for the telephone line as well as the broadband, then we are responsible for fixing any faults and Beaming certainly has the tools to do so.

Why Beaming?

Beaming uses Openreach to provide our telephone lines and we were early adopters of Wholesale Line Rental 3, meaning that we gained access to BT’s own systems earlier than many of our competitors. As such we have a long established relationship with Openreach and understand the processes and terminology to get projects completed on time.

We recommend that all business lines are installed as premium lines at least, which means that the target repair time is the end of the next working day. With our superfast broadband services, we supply the PSTN with Service Level 3 which means that BT works to fix the fault by midnight if reported before 1pm, or by midday the following day if reported after 1pm.

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