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Calling features that make your day to day business just that little bit easier.

Your phone is a vital tool for business, but are you getting the best from it? Advanced calling features, specialised telephone numbers and calls that don’t break the bank can all play a big part in the smooth running of your business.

Low cost phone calls

Transfer your telephone line rental to Beaming and benefit from significantly lower call charges, cost centre and itemised billing and full management reporting.

Switching is straightforward and you can even keep your existing numbers.

Calling and network features:

Beaming has the power to squeeze every last drop of usefulness from the way you use the phone.
Features can be activated within a couple of hours

Call features include:

Non-geographic phone numbers:

Beaming’s Number Translation Services (NTS) provide 08, 09 & 03 pre-fixed numbers which can be used to remove or lower the barrier of call costs to your customers.

Beaming has access to a database of over 1 million non-geographic phone numbers. Our NTS enables us to provide businesses with a series of call routing solutions.

Virtual geographic phone numbers

You can put your business anywhere in the country with Beaming’s virtual geographic phone numbers.

Due to centralisation, you may no longer have a branch office in a certain area, but you don’t want to lose the loyal local customer base you worked hard to build up. Of course, you’re still giving your clients the same great service, but a local number will just help to reassure them.

Another purpose of these numbers is to make large companies look small, friendly and local. You could operate a nationwide business but advertise with a local telephone number in each town. Whatever the reason, we can create the number, set it up and have it working within a day or two.

Non-geographic telephone number (NGN) options:

0800 and 0808Free phone number – your customers call you for free
03Your customers pay the same as calling a local telephone number
0845Your customers pay a local rate to contact you
0844Your customers pay up to 5p per minute to call you
0870Your customers pay the same rate as to any other UK landline number
0871Low cost calls which generate revenue. Customers are charged up to 10p per minute

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