Ethernet First Mile provides your company with faster synchronous speeds than other services delivered across copper, such as ADSL2+ broadband and FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) services.

Additionally, as our products are delivered across BT Wholesale’s platform, Beaming’s Ethernet First Mile services have Service Levels for repair comparable with fibre leased lines.

Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) is a technology that delivers Ethernet speeds across copper of up to 35Mbps synchronous from Ethernet enabled exchanges. It can use up to 8 copper pairs to deliver un-contended bandwidth without the need for new cabling and as such this product provides some of the advantages of Ethernet fibre, including the fact that the network is remotely monitored by BT Wholesale. This monitoring ensures stability, as faulty pairs are automatically removed from the service when discovered.

We have found that customers typically use this product where the cost of laying a new fibre optic connection appears to be prohibitive and this service provides the most cost-effective alternative, or where there is a need for remote monitoring, where the consistency and resilience of the service is more important than speed. Being delivered across a different technology platform, Ethernet First Mile also provides a useful backup service for Ethernet fibre – great for Business Resumption Planning.

So if you require synchronous bandwidth for your company data, and if access to the internet is business critical but you are not quite ready to move to true fibre connectivity, or need an alternative to fibre, then this may be the service for you.

Although still not available everywhere, as the service is only provided at fibre enabled exchanges, there is a good coverage across the UK. To find out whether Ethernet in the First Mile is available in your area, please visit our EFM checker tool. You will just need to know your postcode and whether you want a truly uncontended service or a 5:1 contention. The speed you choose will dictate the price as this product is distance reliant and the higher the speed, the more copper PSTN lines will need to be installed to deliver the required speed across EFM.