Replicate the office in any location. Cloud computing is no longer just for the multinational brands to enjoy.

Cloud services afford your business greater flexibility by enabling employees to work from almost any connected location and access applications, documents, files and data from a range of devices.

Business continuity is made easier too, because in the event of disruption, staff can easily work from an alternative location.

To glean the advantages of business cloud computing, while safeguarding your invaluable business data, you need secure, robust connectivity and the required bandwidth.

Step in Beaming

We can tailor your own company cloud to provide all the flexibility of remote working, but with the privacy and security your business demands.

We do this by providing excellent connectivity and data centre storage with rack space from 2u (2 rack units) to 42u (42 rack units, the full size rack). Housed in London, the data centres we use have been certified to international standards ISO27001, ISO9001, ISO 14001, OHAS 18001, BS 25999-2 and PCI DSS.

Talk to Beaming about cloud computing for your business. We’ll advise you on the connectivity that is right for you, then deliver a solution that is fast, reliable and totally fit for purpose.

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