As a business owner you won’t leave anything to chance. You’ll do whatever it takes to protect your business from intruders, theft, fault, cyber attack and natural disaster.

Alarms protect products, data and staff. But as alarm installers know too well, an alarm is only as good as the connectivity that delivers its critical messages to alarm monitoring centres.

An efficient alarm monitoring service underpinned by consistently resilient data connectivity is vital to ensure that when the alarm is raised, monitoring centres receive the message loud and clear. A faulty, unreliable or insecure line could cause time-wasting false alarms or even more catastrophic effects.

Beaming prides itself on an ability to provide secure, robust data connectivity and telephone lines to enable the monitoring of your clients’ premises and their contents.

Perhaps you need to remotely monitor machinery during the night or track video surveillance footage from CCTVs? Whatever you need, we can assure you your clients will get an immediate response if the alarm is raised. As a result, they’ll experience minimal damage to valuable business assets, even in hard-to-reach areas.

We work with some of the UK’s leading alarm receiving centres (ARCs) and remote video receiving centres (RVRCs).

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