When a security threat becomes a reality, the impact on business can be devastating. At worst, you risk complete business failure.

Your intellectual property and other confidential data is, like any other asset, vulnerable to damage, loss or theft. Besides the potential loss from natural disaster and moving offices, your IT systems may also be attacked for kudos, political reasons or to steal money or commercial secrets.

The need to protect your data is made more challenging by an increasing pressure to enable wider access to your information via a range of technologies.

Don’t know where to start? Start with Beaming. We really understand the security and business continuity needs of IT companies large and small. We’ll help you develop your business continuity or disaster recovery plan with tailored data connectivity and telephony products, backed up with solid support.

Our expert team will get to grips with what you need, then design and install bespoke connectivity that allows ‘business as usual’ even under threat, by:

  • assessing the risks and identifying vulnerabilities and their effect on your business
  • working with you on your disaster recovery plan, in support of HR policy
  • providing ongoing monitoring of your circuits (telephone lines with a broadband service running across it) for Business Continuity Planning so back-up services are available when needed
  • preventing damage from inside the organisation in line with company security policy
  • monitoring network traffic to identify unusual activity or indication of attack
  • handling data back-up and recovery using encrypted data back-up held in monitored, secure data centres
  • implementing data and telephony lines that are activated during an emergency or when damage is detected.

We can also design and manage bespoke on-site solutions. Just let us know what you need.

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