Business–critical connectivity to protect your customers’ assets. An efficient alarm monitoring service underpinned by resilient data connectivity is vital to business.

A faulty, unreliable or insecure line can be catastrophic, preventing vital messages from reaching the alarm receiving centre during security threats, which include cyber attack, burglary, faulty business-critical machinery or a compromise to the security of your remote working network.

Without durable, secure connectivity and solid support, irreversible damage can be done.

That’s where Beaming comes in.

We’re more than a utility provider. Talk to us about putting in place the most secure, robust connection dedicated lines for alarm monitoring, and rest assured your customers will be satisfied. If a line has suffered damage, we put in place a contingency line to take over automatically (read more about business contingency) so you never let your customers down.

We’ll create a bespoke service for your customers.

Perhaps they need connectivity that can handle video or state-of-the-art remote monitoring functions? You may need to remotely deactivate alarm zones to enable access to your customer’s premises following a security alert for instance. Our skilled team designs and deploys dedicated lines to allow greater control of remote monitoring equipment.

Beaming does more than match your needs to the right technology. We help businesses plan ahead, with strategic advice on dedicated data connections and seamless installations. Our knowledgeable, straight-talking team will help you feel in control and get the job done without a fuss.