The impact of outages on UK businesses in 2023

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Report: The cost of internet downtime

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In January 2024, we asked researchers at Censuswide to survey 500 UK business leaders about their use of technology and the internet to discover the extent of their preparedness for the risks associated with disconnection. 

Download the report to understand the landscape of potential internet downtime, and find strategies to reduce the risk of failure and mitigate disruption and financial impact when it does occur.

The report includes:
– How long could you manage without connectivity?
– The productivity impact of downtime
– The financial impact of downtime
– Strategies to reduce the risk of internet failure

“The adoption of digital technologies has been a lifeline for business survival and a driver for increased prosperity in recent years, but this has come with a heightened dependence on connectivity. Companies are demanding more of their connectivity than ever before, and those relying on e-commerce, automation and public cloud services then incur the highest costs due to internet downtime.”

Sonia Blizzard, Managing Director of Beaming

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