Andrew M Wells Accountancy

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Confidence is Restored for Andrew M Wells Accountants

Starting off as a one-man business, Andrew M Wells Accountancy has grown over time into a team of accountants that work with a wide range of clients including national charities, arts organisations and high net worth individuals. With more people on board, the company’s IT infrastructure was starting to show signs of strain.


Accountancy software such as the IRIS Keytime suite used by the team at Andrew M Wells should make processes smoother and improve efficiency, but they were finding it ran increasingly slowly. Strengthening the IT infrastructure and finding support they could rely on was a priority. Then, when the Coronavirus pandemic sent everyone home to work, upgrading to a phone system that would allow for a more flexible working model would also become a more pressing concern.

Andrew Wells Accountancy

Andrew M Wells provide focused, professional yet friendly advice and assistance to individuals, owner managed businesses and third sector organisations.


Having been recommended to Andrew, Beaming’s tech team set to work assessing the company’s needs and investigating the cause of the software go-slow.  They identified areas for improvement in the company’s IT infrastructure and connectivity, and checked their existing servers.   “Beaming initially liaised with the support service for our accounting software so we didn’t have to go back and forth or worry about translating tech-speak”, explains Practice Administrator Jacqui Halls, “The switch over was so smooth and straightforward and the technical team made sure that no one was left with any of those annoying little IT issues that eat away at your time.”

The problems with Keytime were identified shortly before the first UK lockdown was announced, and Beaming helped the team at Andrew M Wells in a successful transition to home working. Happy with the support they were receiving and conscious of a longer term need for flexible ways of working, they decided to upgrade the company’s phone system to Beaming’s cloud phone, BeamRing. “This meant we could use the BeamRing app to access our phone system at home, so we were able to operate is if we were all in the office,” Jacqui told us.

‘We feel so well supported now, it’s the first time we’ve really felt that if we were to have a problem our provider would be able to help us straight away’
Jacqui Halls, Practice Administrator, Andrew M Wells


“We feel so well supported now, it’s the first time we’ve really felt that if we were to have a problem our provider would be able to help us straight away and get to the bottom of the issue. With working from home, we’ve really felt the benefit of the support we get from Beaming.”

It’s likely that the firm will continue with a mixture of home working and time in the office, knowing that whatever happens they have the infrastructure in place to work efficiently and without the distraction of IT issues. “We’re even considering using a new type of accounting software – without Beaming’s support in place we wouldn’t feel confident to do that.”

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  • Strained IT infrastructure
  • Requirement for more flexibility to work remotely
  • Lack of confidence in IT support
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  • Areas for improvement in infrastructure identified
  • Superfast FTTC broadband installed
  • BeamRing cloud phone system that can be accessed anywhere
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  • Flexibility to work from any location
  • Infrastructure in place to use new cloud accounting software when ready
  • Confidence in technical support restored


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