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Problem solved with high performance connectivity for Fineturf

Fineturf supplies high performance sports pitch construction solutions to prestigious clubs and venues including Manchester United, Wimbledon and Lord’s Cricket Ground. But until recently the service they received from their telephone and broadband supplier didn’t match that high performance, with unreliable connectivity causing unnecessary headaches and technical faults taking up a lot of time.


Craig Ramsay, the Group Digital Manager for Fineturf and its sister companies, explained the frustration he experienced in dealing with their previous telecoms provider.

“I lost two months of my life trying to sort out the problems we were having, speaking to our provider and others, to no avail.”

Taking a proactive approach, Craig started his own research to find a solution to their technical problems. “A couple of Google searches led me to Beaming’s website. They were the only business I could find that were even talking about this issue, and appeared to have expertise in the area, so I contacted them to see whether they might be able to help.”


Craig liaised with a friendly member of our expert team, explaining the problems they were having in trying to leave their existing supplier and find another to take over. Beaming’s team has a lot of experience in project managing tricky broadband installations, but they had to put their thinking caps on for this one; “Initially, there was no certainty that we could get around the problem, but the Beaming team went away to find a solution.”

When we came back with a way to solve the problem phone line once and for all, Craig felt confident in our expertise and Beaming took over the service.

With this first phone line in place, Craig was keen for Beaming to provide more telephone and superfast broadband services to the Fineturf Group. “We also knew that we’d need to move over to a VoIP phone system eventually, so we took the opportunity to get ahead of the game and migrated to the BeamRing cloud phone system,” he told us.

‘It sounds like such a simple thing but when I’ve called Beaming someone has always picked up the phone.’
Craig Ramsay, Group Digital Manager, Fineturf


Take a look at Fineturf’s social media and you’ll see work happening in the great outdoors (and discover that it’s oddly calming to watch turf being laid and slotted into place!), but there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make that happen.

With superfast broadband and telephony that delivers the reliability required for the team to work without interruption, Craig’s confidence has been restored.

“It sounds like such a simple thing but when I’ve called Beaming someone has always picked up the phone.” He knows that if they need support, they’ll get the help they need from a team of experts. “But with everything running so smoothly, it’s looking like we won’t need that support too often.”

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  • A particularly tricky phone line to be taken over
  • Poor service from previous provider
  • Need to move away from ISDN phones
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  • Technical expertise in problem solving
  • Superfast fibre broadband
  • BeamRing cloud phone system
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  • Time spent on technical problems vastly reduced
  • Prepared for the ISDN switch off
  • Confidence in connectivity and support restored

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