Abbotprint adapting to changes with BeamRing

Starting out in 1998 specialising in producing printed products for the legal profession, Abbotprint, a family run business based in Rye, East Sussex, now focuses mainly on the greetings card industry; No stranger to innovation, they’ve developed a number of unique printing processes and techniques for applying glitter and foil that set them apart from the rest.


Director of Abbotprint Brian Frost explains that looking to the future prompted their move to cloud voice technology.

“Our old ISDN system was ageing and we knew that in the future we’d want to be able to add features and make adaptions.”

With a requirement for more extensions and support for ISDN technology due to be withdrawn in the coming years, their existing system had reached its limit.


Beaming installed the BeamRing telephone system, a simple process that had the team up and running in no time. “It was easy to set up and everything just worked straight away”, Brian tells us.

Being cloud based, BeamRing’s features are flexible and easy to change. When the company consolidated two locations into one, Brian didn’t want to lose any of their existing business phone numbers. “All it took was a call to Beaming and the numbers previously associated with a different location were set up to come through to our office.”

Brian works abroad for a considerable amount of time, each year, and an added bonus for him is the ability to use an app on his smart phone to connect to the company phone system. With this, he’ll be able to work from any location, making and taking calls just as if he were at the office in Rye.

The ability to add hold messaging and music was another big plus for Brian and his team; where callers on hold used to just hear beeps, they now hear marketing messages that can be easily updated as and when the business wishes to highlight their innovations in printing techniques.


With the BeamRing cloud phone system in place, Abbotprint is ready for whatever comes their way, easily adapting to changes within the business or externally.

This easy flexibility is facilitated by Beaming’s support team, Brian explains:


‘We can call up whenever we have a problem and be speaking to people who are looking at our system. We’ve never had a problem Beaming couldn’t solve; they make things simple and their product knowledge is second to none.’
Brian Frost, Owner, Abbotprint
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  • Ageing phone system
  • Desire to be future ready
  • Retaining all business phone numbers
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  • BeamRing Cloud Phone system
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  • A flexible system that can be adapted to business needs
  • Retained phone numbers when moved premises
  • Sharing marketing messages with customers through the on-hold system