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Improved operations with rock solid connectivity – Let’s Do Business Group

When the quality of customer service is central to a business’s success, phone and internet are invaluable tools.

The Let’s Do Business Group couldn’t live without either. But as the company grew, it soon realised that its existing technology and connectivity was out of step with new demands. Beaming ensured that their needs and functionality stayed in sync.


Let’s Do Business are a company of busy people with different roles, responsibilities and customers. They offer many kinds of services to a range of businesses, and each customer needs to be dealt with in a different way. On top of this, the size of the workforce has almost trebled in the recent years, and the number of locations has also increased. They discovered that as the company became larger and more complex, the technology struggled to keep up with the pressures put upon it.

A large proportion of the workforce are involved in taking queries over the telephone. But the existing system had become inefficient; often, staff ended up answering calls that weren’t relevant to their team and had to spend time passing them on, or taking messages. It all added up to a messy customer experience.

And much of the company’s support is done via the internet, and this can occasionally involve the sending and receiving of large documents. Maintaining connectivity that could withstand bulky file transfers was increasingly important.

The company also operates some satellite sites, but they were keen to hold onto a sense of being ‘right next door’ and at their customer’s convenience. These satellite sites had to be just as responsive as a permanent office set up, which meant relying even more heavily on the phone systems and the network connectivity.


By staying close to the organisation, we keep in touch with their requirements for technology and are able to deliver flexible and efficient solutions to meet their business challenges.

To rationalise the phone-based side of the business, we introduced Splicecom Vision software, which enables the team to map where incoming calls should be answered.

And by providing the organisation with our high-speed internet connectivity we’ve enhanced the channels of electronic communication with their customers and external systems.

‘All we needed was connectivity that was reliable and there is no doubt that is exactly what we got – we received a good quality service, a quick response rate and specialist advice all rolled into one.’
Kaye Crittell, Office Manager, Let’s Do Business Group


The Vision software has allowed customer calls to be answered by the right team straight away. This benefit alone has vasty enhanced customer service. But another advantage of Vision only came to light after continued use of the software, and it solved a historic problem. Customer calls on mobiles would often drop out due to a poor signal, and, on ringing again, callers would be forced to repeat their query to another operator. And we all know how frustrating that can be. With Vision, the staff member is able to call the customer straight back. It’s a simple thing, but it’s transformed the customer experience. Yet another benefit that the company has come to appreciate is that Vision allows them to manage staffing levels. The software makes it clear when the peaks in incoming calls occur. This invaluable knowledge allows them adjust numbers of staff accordingly. For example, team meetings are arranged when the number of calls is at their lowest. This one little change has had a big impact on the Group’s efficiency and productivity.

As well as providing a robust and consistent service, the enhanced internet connectivity means that the company’s satellite sites can operate with just an IP Handset while using all the functions of the call centre at the main site, including the Vision software.

Kaye Crittell, Office Manager of the Let’s Do Business Group, explains how Beaming responded to their needs: “As a company, we wanted a plug in and play approach. We didn’t want to spend our time working out what was the best technology to use – that was a job for Beaming! All we needed was connectivity that was reliable, and there’s no doubt that is exactly what we got. Beaming was also able to offer expert advice based on our particular needs; our business changes on occasion and when it does we need to be able to adapt quickly. We felt comfortable that we were receiving a good quality service, a quick response rate and specialist advice all rolled into one.”

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  • Keeping up with a growing company with increasingly diverse roles
  • Ensuring internet capacity can handle large files
  • Achieving connectivity for satellite sites.
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We introduced Splicecom Vision software to map incoming calls, and our high-speed internet connectivity enhanced all channels of electronic communication.

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  • Enhanced phone functionality has improved customer service, efficiency and productivity.
  • Upgraded internet connectivity has improved service and remote site capability.

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