Moving to a New Office

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Is your business moving home?

Moving to a new office can be disruptive and you won’t want to lose an extra minute if you can avoid it. We’ll project manage your phone and internet installation to ensure there’s no unnecessary downtime. Easy.

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Understanding the challenge

It’s a universally agreed fact that moving is stressful. When you’re relocating to new business premises and every minute waiting to get back up and running keeps your business on hold, there’s an added dimension of stress!

Whether you’re up-scaling or down-sizing, choosing the right connectivity to be delivered in time for your move date can seem an impossible task. That’s where we step in.

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How we help

Let Beaming relieve you of one of at least one of your worries. Our dedicated team will project-manage the migration or new installation of your telephone and internet services. Just tell us when your move is planned and we’ll get the job done with minimal fuss, even if you’re off to a hard-to-reach location or time is tight.

Change should have a positive – not a disruptive – impact. We work with our customers to ensure the agility of their organisation, so even if the change is sudden there’s technology in place that lets you adapt smoothly.

And don’t worry, if you’ve worked hard to get your business telephone number out there you don’t need to change it, we can make sure it follows you to your new home.

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