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How long does a broadband installation take?

Posted on 4 June 2018 by Beaming Support

Installing a new broadband connection can be disruptive to your business if the process is not well timed.

It can be useful, then, to have an idea of when you can expect your service to go live. So how long does a broadband installation take?

Below, we’ve put together a quick list of standard lead times:

  • For a new SOGEA broadband connection: Generally around 10-15 working days.
  • For a new FTTP connection:  Generally 10-15 working days, dependent on whether external works are needed.
  • To migrate an existing FTTP broadband connection to Beaming: 10 working days from the date we have placed your order.
  • For a new fibre leased line: target lead time for the installation is 30 working days; however, this is subject to the works that are required following the survey and any traffic management that may be required.

To transfer your phone service to BeamRing Cloud Voice can be done within 2-3 weeks. (See here for more details of the BeamRing installation process)

Please note, these times offer a guideline only and can depend on the supplier we are migrating the service from.


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