A flexible, future-proof system supports Plastipack in their 24/7 operation.

Plastipack is a world-leading specialist in the manufacturing of energy and resource saving water covering products. As a leading manufacturer in their field, with products supplied to customers around the world, they need their systems to be up to the job of supporting them twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


Plastipack had already changed over from a traditional copper-based phone system to VoIP in preparation for the ISDN switch off and their on-premise system had been in place for five years. However, they were running into some problems and had been told their current supplier would no longer be supporting the system. Also, the existing phone system wasn’t performing as they would hope, with lengthy connection times, and slow responses from their supplier when it came to resolving problems.

‘Customer service was poor as our original supplier had been taken over several times. We wanted a local company with a good reputation.’ – Ian Jones, Finance Director

Plastipack wanted a system that could do more than what the existing on-premise solution offered. Working through the lockdown periods had been difficult as the system wasn’t flexible to adapt to remote working. It was time for an upgrade that would allow them to go through with hybrid working plans.


The decision was made to upgrade the old IP on-premise phone system to Beaming’s future proofed BeamRing cloud hosted solution which brings additional flexibility and cost savings.

The installation took only a few hours and with some product training from our Beaming Support Team and the new system was up and running with minimal disruption. As BeamRing is hosted in the cloud, once our engineers had installed broadband and the telephone handsets onsite, everything else was activated remotely.

With the great flexibility of the User Plus licences, Plastipack’s plans for hybrid working can go ahead as users can take and make calls from the BeamRing App on their mobile phones or computers from wherever they are working.

‘‘Beaming handled the whole process despite the uncooperative previous supplier’’
Ian Jones, Finance Director, Plastipack


When Plastipack came to us they asked for something that was great value for money and future-proof, a system that wouldn’t need to be replaced in a few years.

They now have the resilience and flexibility they needed from a system with the comfort of knowing exactly who it is they’re dealing with. When, at the last minute, they needed to add another handset to their package they could do so without any concern that it would alter their contract. Our tailored, project managed solution made the whole process hassle-free.

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  • – Existing phone system unsupported by the supplier
  • – Unable to adapt to remote working
  • – Poor quality from existing system
Asset 33


  • – BeamRing cloud hosted phone system
  • – Dedicated internet connection
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  • – Ability to support remote working
  • – Improved call quality
  • – Happy employees
  • – Confidence in expert support

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