Protecting Business Data

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Don’t leave your business data open to theft, loss or damage

Your business data is an asset you want to keep private.


Understanding the challenge

Any information captured and/or stored by your business is business data. Order spreadsheets, customer lists, marketing plans and sales figures are all examples, as are transaction information, competitor research and employee records.  If you’ve considered the information useful enough that it’s worth recording, then the chances are it’s something you won’t want to lose, especially not to an organisation or individual with malicious intent.

How we help

Beaming is a trusted adviser to many businesses and provides a range of services that protect business data, including:

– Helping you to recognise and prioritise the data assets requiring a higher level of security

– Giving advice on the most appropriate way to backup your business-critical data

– Providing connectivity across a network built with security in mind, which uses advanced technology and equipment that’s constantly upgraded to keep up with advances in cyber security.

– Advising you on the best method of data storage for your business, whether that be public cloud, private cloud or the colocation of server equipment

– Storing data in trusted UK data centres only

– Providing managed network services

– Advising about and helping you to maintain access control, so that only those that need access to certain data sets may have it

– Keeping the availability of data in mind. The personal data you store must not only be kept confidential and safe from damage, it should be available when needed, too. With Beaming’s always-on connectivity you can get to the data you need, day or night

– Helping you to formulate a disaster recovery plan


Products & services to protect business data

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We track emerging cyber security threats and publish our findings in our quarterly cyber threat report, along with expert advice on protecting your business.

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