Fast, reliable connectivity that works when you need it. Our range of products comes with in-built resilience and expert support as standard.

Business Broadband

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ADSL Broadband

Broadband that’s available in most areas and ideal for remote working, small businesses with low data usage or as backup for larger businesses.

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Superfast fibre broadband (FTTC)

Our superfast broadband has low contention so you will get the speeds that you pay for at all times.

Fibre Connectivity

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Fibre to the Premise (FTTP)

Do away with copper & help your business perform at full capacity. Sometimes known as “full fibre” or “pure fibre”, Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) brings data all the way to your building through fibre optic cabling.

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Leased Lines

A dedicated fibre optic Ethernet connection that’s just for you. Consistently speedy data transmission, easy scalability and symmetric upload & download speeds come as standard with a fibre optic leased line.

Private networks

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Radio broadcasters need specialist, super reliable connectivity if they want to avoid dead air. With StudioNet you’ll get industry-leading codec performance, zero jitter & automated backup.

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Specially developed with security in mind, Protectnet allows remote access to networked devices (such as CCTV) without compromising on security.

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