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Our team is our secret weapon

We’re a bunch of straight-talking telecommunications specialists with deep knowledge of how IT, data connectivity and telephony work together to help businesses reach their commercial objectives. Many of our team members come from a customer service background, and it shows; We promise that when you contact us, you’ll never feel you’re talking to a robot with a script.

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Helping you make the right decision

Our team will take the time to get beneath the skin of your business. We understand the challenges faced by organisations across various sectors and of all different shapes and sizes.

Our aim is to support you in achieving your business goals and we’ll help you choose  connectivity & IT that gets you there and then some. Reliable, speedy, fuss-free and scalable technology is just a phone call away.

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Project managed installation

Our provisioning team work tirelessly to get your connection delivered on time.

You won’t have to chase engineers for updates; we’ll do that for you. We’ll even translate their technical jargon.

All you need to do is wait for your new router to be delivered, plug it in and start using your shiny new internet connectivity.

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On-going Support

We’ll proactively monitor your network and technology, and if there’s a way to make your business run more smoothly, we’ll be the first to suggest it.

Businesses experience all kinds of changes, but it doesn’t have to be a scary thing. Whether it’s planned or unexpected, taking on new staff, moving premises or going remote, we’re here to help you be as flexible as possible and adapt when you need to.

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The Human Touch

Beaming has a no robots policy, so from the first contact you make, you’ll speak to friendly humans who speak your language. No robotic-sounding operators with a script to read, just people with the technical know-how to turbo boost your business.

And though we’re not robots, we are speedy. When you call us, you won’t be passed around the call centre like a plate of biscuits (but we’ll take a Bourbon if you’re offering); the phone will be answered by a technical expert that can help you straight away.

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