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Being There for the Carers’ Federation

Sometimes, supplying the right kit is just half the story. After having their fingers burnt by another provider, the Carers Federation were looking for genuine support. So we gave them an ally they could rely on.


Having experienced poor service and some unjustifiably high prices from the previous supplier, the Carers Federation was in dire need of someone reliable to manage every aspect of their telecoms, connectivity and data storage. But, in truth, they were seeking more than a supplier – they needed a partner and creative collaborator. The organisation is always on the alert for better ways to provide the highest quality of dedicated support for carers, and, for that, standard, off-the-shelf, out-of-the-box solutions just aren’t enough.


When Beaming took the reins, the Carers Federation discovered a new kind of telecoms provider. For starters, we introduced a VoIP (internet-based) phone system, a centralised server, a bespoke database and a DataChest backup system. But, beyond this, we gave them a proper relationship – a personal contact, a responsive helpline and a true business ally to help them achieve their goals. Together, we’ve planned the expansion of systems for newly acquired offices, and we’ve brainstormed ideas for the organisation’s new closed social network. We’ve collaborated with developers to make sure the interface of their new app worked with our system, and we’ve even liaised with the local council about creating a secure pipeline for relaying sensitive personal data. To us, it’s all part of the service.

‘With our previous company, if we had a problem, all we would hear were excuses, but, with Beaming, we get ‘we’ll go and sort that.’ And they’ve been as good as their word in terms of efficiency, timing, everything. They’re attentive to our needs and very quick to respond. I haven’t got a bad thing to say about them.’
Rob Gardiner, CEO, Carers' Federation


The Carers Federation felt the effects of Beaming’s care straight away and are still enjoying the benefits. Deputy CEO, Rob Gardiner explains: “It’s a very positive relationship. When we’ve come up with an idea and said this is something we’d like to do, Beaming have been very good at helping us to facilitate it and coming up with ideas to make it happen. And when we had the new servers installed, they worked over the weekend, when we’re closed, and had it up and running for us by the Monday morning. For me, having one contact has made it work. For our staff, the helpline is always available, and the feedback across all our offices is really positive about the relationship.”

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  • Poor previous service and systems
  • A continual desire to create new initiatives
  • Ensuring the security of sensitive personal data
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  • Multi-site VoIP phone system
  • Centralised server
  • Creation of a bespoke database
  • Data-chest back-up service
  • A personal, collaborative relationship
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  • Much needed reliability
  • A strong working partnership offers them the freedom to realise their ideas.

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