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Providing the juice that makes Zoonou go

When your business is all about the internet, brilliant digital connectivity is less of a helping hand and more of a vital organ. Zoonou needed us – but more than they knew.


Zoonou began as a team of two working in one room. At that time, a couple of phones and a standard internet package did the job. But the company grew quickly, and it was soon evident that, as well as needing greater connectivity clout, a tailor-made system would be essential. And, with the business booming, scaling up has become an ongoing phenomenon, and it requires a partner who can help them upgrade accordingly. These days, Zoonou have multiple teams running projects at any given time, with every one relying on seamless internet access. They can’t risk losing a day because they’re not connected, especially as, in their world, deadlines are always tight.


Beaming nurtured Zoonou through the transition from their entry-level package through to a system that’s both formidable and dependable. Today, Zoonou enjoy the advantages high-powered fibre connectivity, sophisticated call servers and IP phones. But, over the 7-year relationship, the benefit that Zoonou feels is more about our service than our hardware. They went for an independent and local provider because they wanted responsive support. They got that. But what they also discovered were the untold benefits of a dedicated personal contact who understands their business needs as well as a back-up team who know their subject inside out and genuinely want to help.

‘Beaming are proactive, and that’s great. They’ll check in with me every so often and ask how it’s going and want to know if there’s anything they can do to help improve things. Ultimately, it means I don’t have to worry about it.’
Nick Turton, Managing Director, Zoonou


In Zoonou’s infancy, MD Nick Turton managed the business’s telecoms matters himself. Now he’s blissfully distant from it. He’s confident that his team can contact us whenever there’s an issue, and that we’ll respond immediately. Day-to-day system updates and troubleshooting don’t even reach his radar. Now and then, we’ll catch up with Nick and review his growing company’s needs. Then we’ll take his vision and plan accordingly. As a business owner, he values us as an ally that can react quickly, think independently and engage proactively.

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