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How to keep your phone number when your business moves

Posted on 21 February 2018 by Beaming Support

My business is moving to new premises but I don’t want to change my phone number!

This is a concern we often come across as businesses set up in a new office.  You’re ready to move on to bigger and better things in a new location, but you don’t want to leave your telephone number behind. It’s your advertised point of contact for your customers, so we understand that it is important to maintain this familiarity for existing customers. It may be that your main business number is “catchy” (or as catchy as a phone number can be!), and easily remembered. So, how to keep your phone number & ensure you don’t lose that familiarity you’ve worked hard to establish? We can help you to keep your number when you move offices so that amidst the upheaval of transferring your staff and office contents, there’s one less thing you need to worry about.

PSTN Lines

For single PSTN lines, if you’re moving offices and your new address is in the same exchange area, the process for keeping your main business number is fairly simple.

We will install a new telephone line into your new property, or if you’re lucky, restart a line that is already in the office. Once this is live we can renumber the line with your main business number. Once your new line is live, the renumber process can then take up to 48 hours to complete from the time the order is placed.

If your new premises are not in the same exchange area ie you’ve moved to an area with a different dialling code, you can still keep your main business number but the process is slightly different. We would again need to install a new line into your new property. This time, once the line was live we would add one of the below features to your main business line:

  • An admin divert, which would divert all incoming calls to the new line at your new offices.
  • A remote call forward, similarly to an admin divert, would divert all incoming calls to the new line however this feature ceases the line at the old socket but retains the number in the exchange.


ISDN Lines

For ISDN lines, ideally your new address will need to be in the same exchange area again and there is a specific change of address order that we can place to take care of all the niggly background work associated with this kind of system move and additional exchange work.

Fear not though! Even if you’re moving to an address outside your current exchange area you can still keep your main business number and the associated DDIs, if required. In the same way as the above process for a PSTN line, we would install a new ISDN at your new property and once live either add the admin divert or remote call forwarding feature. It is worth noting that if you still require calls to come through via the DDIs from your main business number you would be able to apply an admin divert to each associated DDI and therefore have all incoming calls to all your DDIs be redirected to your new ISDN.


With the copper withdrawal already in progress and the shut-off date of 2025 steadily approaching, you will inevitably need to consider your move away from copper-based phone systems. An office move is the perfect time to do so as the adoption of a cloud-based VoIP system allows you to take your existing phone number with you wherever you go.

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