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BeamRing – The business continuity tool to keep you talking

With natural disasters such as storms and floods as well as potential health pandemics hitting the headlines, there’s no better time for businesses to make sure they have up-to-date business continuity plans in place.

We are being contacted by customers who are implementing their plans now so they are prepared if staff either can’t work in the office, or prefer to work at home. Opting for a hosted phone system provides peace of mind they will be able to maintain productivity and keep potential disruption to a minimum.

If you want to make sure your business can continue operating, BeamRing is a cloud phone system that enables staff to communicate effectively with all customers, wherever they are working.

BeamRing offers staff flexibility and provides customer continuity:

  • Take and make calls from a smart phone, laptop or desktop PC.
  • Maintain normal business phone numbers and call groups as required.
  • Outgoing calls still present desired business number to customers
  • Call recording available to comply with regulations.
  • No complicated call-forwarding to manage, we can quickly adapt the system to meet changing requirements.
  • Protect staff from having to share personal phone numbers.
  • Staff will be able to operate as if they are in the office in the way they can make and receive calls

BeamRing User Flex

Our BeamRing package designed to help businesses react quickly and maintain business as usual, whatever else is going on. 


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Quick Installation

We could get you working in as little as 24 hours, all managed by our own friendly team.


Short-term contracts

We can provide flexible arrangements such as one month contracts to suit your circumstances.



No capital expenditure and a set monthly license fee per user, presented in clear transparent bills.

BeamRing User Flex can be installed alongside your existing telecoms contract as a temporary solution
or other packages are available on a longer-term basis.

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Why buy cloud phone from Beaming?

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Hassle free installation

Our skilled provisioning team will get your phone system up and running. We are skilled in porting numbers in all circumstances and helping you to get talking as quickly as possible.


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Peak performance - always

You’ll be dealing directly with the experts who built BeamRing so any issues can be dealt with immediately. Our network is built for  business with performance and stability our main concern to give you peace of mind.

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Friendly support

All our products are backed by our proactive technical support team, so if you need to get in touch you know you’ll be speaking to someone who can help straight away.

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Reassurance cyber security is priority

With the growing threat and associated costs of cyber attacks, we always strive to be at the forefront of cyber security help to protect your devices, data and network. Beaming is ISO27001 certified to demonstrate our commitment to data security.

‘‘With our previous company, if we had a problem, all we would hear were excuses, but, with Beaming, we get ‘we’ll go and sort that.’ And they’ve been as good as their word in terms of efficiency, timing, everything. They’re attentive to our needs and very quick to respond. I haven’t got a bad thing to say about them.’’
Rob Gardiner, CEO, Carers' Federation

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