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How much do you know about phishing?

According to Beaming’s research, 25% of SMEs fell victim to phishing last year, making it by far the most likely route of entry for cyber crime against your business.

Take the quiz below to see how much you know about phishing, once you’ve finished you can share with colleagues and compare scores.

    • Which of these is most likely an example of "whaling"?

    • You receive an email from HR that says the notes from your recent appraisal are attached. You haven’t had an appraisal recently but a colleague has. What do you do?

    • Someone claiming to be your internet service provider phones to say they think you’ve been hacked. They want you to allow them remote access to your PC to fix the problem.

    • Which of these is a phishing email unlikely to do?

    • Which of these is an example of smishing?

    • You’ve been emailing back and forth with a new supplier, Smith’s Stationery and the time has come to pay their invoice. How do you proceed?

    • Which of these is a way to help prevent being phished?

    • What kind of data is the least likely target of a phishing attack?

    • You’ve received the email above, you know you shouldn’t click that link, but what action should you take?

    • Your “digital footprint” consists of information about yourself or your business that you’ve made available (knowingly or not) online. Which part of your digital footprint is least likely to be used to engineer a phishing attack?