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How to backup data without creating a disaster movie (infographic)

What’s the best way to backup data?

Is your approach to data backup a disaster (recovery) movie or an Oscar-worthy masterpiece? Our infographic describes the five main groups that businesses fall into and should help you to understand how to backup data and avoid risk as much as possible.

Our research has shown that 17% of UK companies are indulging in some Risky Business by failing to backup their data. While it’s positive to know that the remaining 83% do perform backups, only 7% of all those surveyed have a Sense & Sensibility approach, backing up to their own equipment held in a data centre at least 30 miles from their own premises. 49% store backups in their own Office Space, meaning that a targeted cyber attack or a natural disaster could render their back ups useless.

How to backup data with as little risk as possible.

14% of UK businesses entrust their data backup to a cloud service provider, but may not be clear on where and how the data is stored, who has access, and what else may be stored alongside it. Did you know that, for example, your own emails could be marked as spam if your email server shares space with one that does send out spam emails? Another 14% choose to send backups home with staff, leaving them open to loss or theft.

Asset 26

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