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Radio stations replacement for Kilostream

Beaming’s StudioNet provides innovative technology to replace legacy connections.

Kilostream had long been the industry standard technology for STL (Studio to Transmitter Links), but BT, having stopped the new supply of Kilostream products in 2016, had planned to completely withdraw the service in March 2020. Although this deadline was extended to early 2021 due to the Coronavirus pandemic, broadcast stations have now had to replace these vital connections in order to stay on air.

Unsuitable alternatives to Kilostream risk the interruption of transmission, with a subsequent loss of advertising revenue, brand damage and the possibility of Ofcom fines. IP technology as a Kilostream replacement must be well designed and managed to avoid these potentially disastrous scenarios.

Beaming has partnered with industry leading codec manufacturer Systembase to come up with an innovative solution:  StudioNet provides a fully IP Kilostream replacement with unrivalled performance, resilience and reliability.

StudioNet Kilostream Replacement

StudioNet leverages fibre optic technology, the gold standard for data transfer, alongside automated resilience failovers to ISDN.  Combined with the latest Systembase IP codecs the StudioNet solution features:

  • Studio to Transmitter Lines with >1ms latency, to ensure playback without delay.
  • Zero jitter for the best possible sound quality.
  • Industry leading codec performance
  • 5 hour target fix time SLA, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, so in the unlikely event of a fault you won’t hang around waiting for an engineer.
  • Automated backup connection, so you’ll never be left with dead air.
  • Isolated from the internet and associated cyber threats


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We helped these radio stations replace Kilostream

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Wave FM

With existing studio to transmitter link technologies being phased out, Wave FM wanted an innovative, high performance and ultra reliable solution to their STL problem.

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  • Broadcast
  • Fibre


With support for existing circuits due to be withdrawn, KMFM got ahead of the game & put a new digital network in place. It used the opportunity to make its service more resilient & improve sound quality, too.

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It wasn't just radio stations that relied on Kilostream

Hospitals, financial traders, air traffic controllers & many other businesses need high performance, low latency connectivity that’s uncontended.


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