A bunch of straight-talking telephony and data connectivity specialists

The Beaming team

Open the door to the Beaming office and you’ll always find something interesting going on.

Our team is our secret weapon. We’re a bunch of straight-talking telecommunications specialists with deep knowledge of data connectivity and telephony and how it helps businesses reach their commercial objectives.

The whole team is under one roof, so the left hand always knows what the right hand is doing. It’s our mission to let our customers concentrate on their day-to-day priorities without distraction from IT infrastructure problems. So we take the time to really understand the complex and varied business needs of our customers before calmly delivering our products and services.

But most effectively, we’ve created a culture of collaboration, innovation and creative problem-solving which means that when you call us, we’ll think strategically about resolving an issue or installing connectivity. By handpicking members of our technically-skilled team to have good people skills and empathy, we can provide the dependable, personal service that our customers have come to really like.

And we keep our promises

The team often surprises us by going beyond the call of duty and anticipating customers’ needs (the people who provide front-line support have the technical knowhow, so you won’t be passed from person to person to be told ‘sorry, we can’t help’).

Whichever service or product we are providing, we do it in a way that is human, friendly and fast. Businesses really value our rapid response – after all, it has a direct impact on the service they provide to their customers.

Anyway, enough of blowing our own trumpet. Read some of our success stories and find out more about how we have helped our customers.

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