How to use the Beaming Cyber Threat Report

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How to make the most of free cyber stats

Every quarter Beaming release a cyber threat report that shows the current level of attack that business systems are under, where attacks come from, and which applications are most targeted.

In this article we explain why we take the time to collate and release this data, and what actions businesses can take to stay protected.

Why do we provide cyber threat statistics?

Whether it’s money that gets stolen, or sensitive information, the cost of cybercrime can be huge for businesses. The implications can include financial trouble, legal/ regulatory difficulties, as well as long-lasting damage to your reputation.

Since 2016, Beaming has collected and analysed data surrounding cyberattacks on UK businesses. As a specialist business ISP, we use the data to identify key trends and areas of vulnerability for businesses, and advise our customers on how they can increase their cyber security.

At Beaming, we believe that we all have a collective responsibility to stay cyber secure. By sharing these statistics, we hope more people will be able to develop good cyber security habits, and understand what being safe online looks like.

Plus, this knowledge won’t just help your business – good habits can be carried into our personal lives, and used to support those who may be more vulnerable.


How your business can use the Beaming Cyber Threat Report

1. Supporting staff training

A good way to highlight the prevalence of cyberattacks is by sharing statistics with staff, so they see how frequently they occur, and understand just how vulnerable your business could be to an attack. Awareness is key, so informing everyone in your business of their duties surrounding cyber security (and the potential consequences of infringement) can help to make sure your business is as secure as possible.

2. Complying with regulatory requirements

Laws and regulations, such as GDPR, the Data Protection Act, and The Network and Information Systems Regulations, place duties on businesses and their boards to take appropriate measures to manage cyber risks posed to their network, and keep data safe. Using Beaming’s cyber threat report can help businesses to fulfil their fiduciary requirements, as it allows them to stay up-to-date with the latest and most significant threats.

3. Deciding your next steps

The best way for a business to protect itself from cybercrime is to develop a clear cyber security strategy. Our latest research, which you can find here, highlights some of the areas where businesses are most at-risk, including devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as file-sharing services and remote desktop systems. Knowing that devices connected to the IoT (such as smart speakers and networked security cameras) are particularly targeted by criminals, for example, can mean you prioritise increasing the security of these devices.

4. Prioritising investment in cyber security

Whether you’re a business owner looking to see which areas you need to focus on in order to protect your business, or an IT manager pitching for a cyber security budget, our statistics can help you to justify an investment in cyber security.

5. Staying ahead of competitors

Cybercrime disrupts businesses in a myriad of ways – from finances to reputation. Staying alert to the latest risks can help you to ensure you don’t fall victim to cybercrime; it would also mean you don’t lose out to competitors who have kept informed with the latest cyber security developments and not suffered disruption to their business.

There are many ways in which your business could use cyber security statistics to support your growth.  To ensure businesses can keep up with trends and advice we release our data every quarter, sign up to receive it straight to your inbox here. 

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