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Business Guide to Phishing

Beaming’s research showed that between 2015 and 2019 victim rates of phishing have nearly tripled. 29% of cyber attacks on SMEs were attributed to phishing.

With phishing a favoured route into your network for cyber criminals, and attacks becoming increasingly sophisticated, no business – small or large – can assume they wouldn’t be a target.

Download Beaming’s Business Guide to Phishing and find out what techniques cybercriminals are using to “phish” business owners, managers and employees. There’s advice for workers at every level of your organisation.

Download Beaming’s Business Guide to Phishing

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What’s in Beaming’s Guide to Phishing?

  • What is phishing?

  • Why would someone steal my data?

  • How do criminals go about phishing?

  • Focus on a smishing scam

  • 8 steps to avoid becoming a victim

  • Actions for management