The end of ISDN: Fact or Fiction

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ISDN Withdrawal: Sort the fact from the fiction

Although communications have come on in leaps and bounds over the past 40 years, the UK’s telephone infrastructure – known as the ISDN network – has not changed since the 1980s, and many businesses are still reliant on this technology to make all of their business calls.

But that’s all set to change within the next few years, as the ISDN network is being retired in favour of newer methods of communication. As a result, we’ve seen a few misconceptions and misunderstandings around what businesses need to do about this move towards new technology.

Should my business be worried about the UK ISDN switch off?

Try our quick fire fact or fiction ISDN switch off game to make sure you’ve got all the facts at your disposal.

  • In 2025, Openreach will stop selling ISDN lines.

  • Once the ISDN network has been switched off, phone calls will be made over an internet connection.

  • VoIP is a new and untested technology.

  • ISDN users need to find a quick fix to replace the technology.

  • It’s not a good idea to “wind down” your existing system until the ISDN switch off.

  • Using VoIP is more expensive.

  • Changing from ISDN to VoIP is easy.

  • I can keep the same phone number when I move away from ISDN

  • I’ll need to get a much faster internet connection if I’m going to use VoIP.

  • I don’t need a desk phone to use VoIP.