Do you know how to keep company data safe?

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Quiz: Should I save that there?

When you’re working from home, what kind of data should you have access to?

It’s easy to accidentally save company data to a personal device or storage system; perhaps you’ve encountered problems opening a file on your work laptop so you switched over to use your own, or whilst connected to your business network, have saved some files to your personal cloud storage to transfer to your own PC.

When data is saved outside of your company’s network, your IT team can’t control its security, and it is therefore vulnerable to exploitation by cyber criminals and to being lost due to things like hardware faults or theft.

This quiz will help you recognise any files you may need to remove from a personal device or storage, and to re-think the kind of data you’re accessing on personal devices as you work from home.

  • 1. You’re collaborating with colleagues to develop a new product. Which of these would be an appropriate place to save your project?
  • 2. You like to keep track of your annual leave in a document that notes the dates taken and what you booked the time off for. Where should you save this (Choose all that apply)?
  • 3. Your list of email newsletter subscribers is precious data, where’s an appropriate place to keep it?
  • 4. It’s not easy to remember every password, so you keep a Word document to keep track. Which of these would be a safe way of storing this information?
  • 5. You’ve copied and pasted some product information from your company’s website into a Word document to help with a future project. Where would it be okay to save this product detail? (Choose all that apply)
  • 6. You use a spreadsheet to keep track of incoming sales enquiries that need to be followed up. Where would it NOT be a good idea to save this? (Choose all that apply)
  • 7. You’ve conducted a yearly appraisal with one of your team. Where should the evaluation be saved?
  • 8. Speaking to a customer on the phone, you’d jotted down some notes including their email address and customer reference. What should you do with this scrap of paper once you no longer need the information?