Where do you sit on the Hierarchy of Cyber Security Needs?

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Quiz: What’s your current level of cyber security?

Years of experience in supporting businesses with secure, reliable connectivity have gone into Beaming’s new Cyber Security Hierarchy of Needs, which can be found in our Five Years in Cyber Security Guide; the result of a five year research project into the evolving cyber threat landscape.

Take our quiz to find out where your business sits on the pyramid, and what you need to do to move a level closer to the gold standard of safeguarding.

    • How does your business use anti virus software?

    • Which of these policies do you have in place at your business? (Select all that apply)

    • How does your organisation approach data backup and storage? (Select all that apply)

    • Which of these describes your approach to firewalls? (Select all that apply)

    • What do you think is the best use of a VPN?

    • What's your understanding of Two factor Authentication (2FA)?

    • Which of the following apply to your router? (Select all that apply)

    • How do you and your staff learn about cyber security? (Select all that apply)

    • When it comes to passwords my organisation... (Select all that apply)

    • How does your organisation prove its dedication to information security? (Select all that apply)

    • How much do you know about Unified Threat Management (UTM) systems?

  • Finally, are you interested in cyber security for a micro business (0-10 employees), small/medium business (11-250 employees) or corporation (251+ employees)?

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