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Report: How are UK businesses using the cloud?

Is your business struggling to get the most out of cloud computing? If so, you’re not alone.

Our survey of 500 UK businesses found that only half of businesses are getting what they want from cloud services. The other half are either not seeing any benefits, or are actually seeing their businesses suffer as a result of their cloud investments.

The good news is that there is a solution. This report includes step-by-step recommendations on how to review your cloud services, identify areas where costs can be saved, and ensure that cloud services are aligned with your business goals.

Download the report to support getting the most out of cloud computing for your business.

Download the PDF

The report contains insights and useful guides, including: 

  • IT trends in UK businesses – results from our survey of UK business leaders
  • 4-step guide: How businesses can reap the full benefits of cloud working
  • The cost of cloud: Facts and figures
  • What are SMEs doing about the creeping cost of cloud?
  • How can businesses get their cloud spending under control?
  • 5 step guide: Reviewing your cloud costs
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