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Report: SME IT Adoption & Investment Plans for 2024

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The evidence that businesses embracing technology grow faster, generate greater wealth, and create more opportunities is substantial.

Technology empowers businesses, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and positions them for sustained growth in today’s dynamic and frequently challenging business environment.

This report equips you with the insights and strategies to make informed tech investments. Find out:

  • Which technologies businesses have been adopting
  • What are businesses planning to invest most into in 2024
  • How much will be spent per employee in 2024
  • The strategies driving IT investments

The report contains:

  • The Landscape for IT Adoption
  • Technology Adoption in 2024
  • SME Investment Strategies
  • What’s Driving Investment in IT?
  • Future-Proofing IT Strategies Page
Navigating the Tech Landscape: UK SME IT investment report. PDF front cover shown on an ipad