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Simple cyber security guidance for staff at schools, colleges and universities

Earlier this year, the National Cyber Security Centre issued an alert to warn schools, colleges and universities, of an increased incidence of ransomware attacks against education organisations.

Though it’s a worrying trend, the good news is that some relatively simple strategies – such as using strong & unique passwords, running timely software updates and getting wise to email phishing tactics – can be used by all staff to help improve cyber security in schools.

In addition to protecting data and systems, schools also have the responsibility of protecting students from harmful and inappropriate material online.

How should schools go about improving their resilience to cyber threats such as ransomware?

Cyber Security For Schools

We’ve created this free downloadable guide to cyber security for schools to help all employees – from admin staff to senior management – play their part in protecting against cyber attacks and other online harms.

The guide is divided into two parts:

  1. Part one contains easy to follow guidance for teaching and admin staff that can help protect against cyber attacks, including 7 simple steps to better cyber security & a focus on phishing, as well as best practices for working from home.
  2. Part two is aimed at management and IT teams, focusing on considerations when it comes to both the protection of the school’s systems and the safeguarding of students.

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