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EU Referendum – Whether you vote in or out

Three weeks today, the voting booths will be open and the nation will vote on whether to remain in or to leave the European Union.

In the next three weeks, we can expect the attempt to win our votes to become increasingly frantic with some confusing messages. Yet what we, as business people, can be clear about is that trade will go on, regardless of the decision.

One important part of both international and domestic trade is the ability to communicate quickly and reliably. The railways revolutionised commerce during the industrial revolution and the internet has served the same purpose during what has become to be known as the digital revolution.

Businesses can transmit information across the globe in seconds now, whether to continental Europe or further afield. With encryption, the internet has become the primary route for most transactions. It is a fact that businesses gain competitive advantage through their use of technology and this will not change.

Whatever the outcome on June 23rd, investing in your connectivity will give you a quicker and more productive way of making money, whether you are trading locally or internationally. If you want to see this in action, look no further than the hedge funds which learnt this lesson a long time ago and have applied it ready for the referendum result!

Asset 26

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