How to pick from the different types of internet connection available to your business

When deciding between the different types of internet connection, you’ll need to consider your business size, the sector you operate in and the functions you will need to perform. Whether you’re emailing suppliers, using cloud applications all day or conducting meetings via video link up, you’ll want to know that your connectivity is up to the job.

The table below should help you decide on the type of internet connection that’s right for your business. Click the image to enlarge.

Choosing between the different types of internet connection

For new ADSL and FTTC installations we can arrange a simultaneous provide, which means that we aim to have your PSTN telephone line and broadband made live at the same time, causing minimal disruption to your business.

From business broadband to fibre Ethernet leased lines, you can rest assured that all of Beaming’s products come with:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Constant support from an expert team
  • Reliability and resilience
  • The best, most up to date technology
  • The benefit of our a long established relationship with Openreach, who provide and maintain the UK’s connectivity infrastructure
  • Low contention rates (which describe the number of users sharing bandwidth) so that even during peak times, performance will not falter.

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