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Supporting Little Gate Farm

Little Gate Farm is a local charity which Beaming is delighted to support.

This year we are one of the local sponsors for their national Farm Sunday event on June 11th, having enjoyed our day out at the farm in previous years.  With 3000 visitors last year, we know there will be a lot going on, regardless of the weather, and we are once more looking forward to the live music, food and fun with the animals.

Little Gate Care Farm does a fabulous job improving the lives of learning disabled adults in East Sussex and Kent, called Rangers on the farm, by giving them training and helping them find paid employment.  They have a very successful record and anybody who visits the farm will understand why.  An important part of that success lies with their volunteers, who do a highly professional job supporting the Rangers.

Although we are pleased to have the opportunity to sponsor Farm Sunday at Little Gate Farm, the charity also needs regular income and this is where the Friends of Little Gate Farm scheme comes in.  Beaming is a corporate friend, which means we provide a small donation each month by direct debit, knowing that every penny which goes to the charity is spent wisely and can make a real difference to lives.  If you want to see how, then please visit Little Gate Farm on Sunday 11th June or visit

Little Gate Farm 11th June

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