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Better Connected Schools Video Series

Beaming’s recent Better Connected Schools report highlights the need for a creative approach to the use of  technology in schools and the adoption of high speed connections.

Our research showed that the uptake of high capacity fibre Ethernet is the same in schools with the lowest Progress 8 scores (which measures progress from Primary to GCSE level) as in those with the best scores. Talking to professionals gave us insight in to how these high capacity connections and the use of technology in schools can have a positive impact on learning.

When compiling this report, we spoke to education technology experts including Matthew Glotzbach, former VP of product management at YouTube and current CEO of Quizlet Inc, the world’s largest teacher and student online learning community.


In a series of videos on our YouTube channel, our contributors expand on how technology should be integrated into the classroom to enable students’ independent learning:

Transcripts of all of the videos are available here.

If schools have the correct infrastructure in place they’ll be able to support students in finding answers to their questions in the classroom, using free or very low cost software & apps:

Schools, teachers, students and parents should share responsibility for online safety, both through education and having infrastructure & procedures in place:

Technology will continue to shape the way that students learn but will not replace good teaching:

The apps that can improve the classroom experience for students and make life easier for teachers:

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