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Why Young Enterprise is important

I spent last Wednesday night in the company of another four business people discussing the merits of devices to stop headphone leads tangling, Sussex food hampers and personalised Christmas baubles.

Yes, this was the Sussex County Finals for Young Enterprise and the five of us had the difficult task of handing out the awards which would send the winner and the runner up on to the next stage of the competition in Guildford. We had a set of very strong competitors and they were judged against strict business criteria so there was no place for sentimentality. As in business life, there were companies that succeeded and others that lost out, and lessons to be learnt by all.

I enjoyed the company of the other judges that night but it is hard work, in particular marking the finalists’ reports beforehand, which is something my business life does not usually require from me. My motivation for taking part in this event is not the social interaction, pleasant though it is, or the platter of sandwiches during our deliberation, but the enormous pleasure I get from seeing the next generation enthusiastic about business.

There is nothing more life affirming than the energy which the students bring to their ideas, which the judges got to see whilst visiting their trade stands and watching their presentations. It is also really important for our economy that we encourage the entrepreneurial streak in young people as it is from this raw talent that new commercial ideas and businesses will come. Beaming provides internet services to businesses and like the majority of other types of companies out there, we need clients with whom to trade, both large and small. All companies have to start somewhere, and it must really help to set up a business if you have had experience of doing this within the safe framework of Young Enterprise. So it is a cool headed business decision to get involved in Young Enterprise… Still fun though!

If you would like to find out more please visit the Young Enterprise website.

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